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Our Office is now located at 2835 Camino Del Rio South Suite 215, San Diego Ca 92108.

Feel free to call us to schedule a tour of our new location to a bigger office with a calming, zen atmosphere!


Understanding Ourselves!

It’s not the outside world that bring us happiness, contentment, or resolves loneliness.  It’s the dialog we have have going on inside our own head that makes the difference! A new car, a luxurious trip, getting fit, losing weight will only satisfy you temporarily.  Much like a delicious meal or a great movie, the wonder and enchantment eventually wear off and you are back to where you started.

Make a real difference in your life and schedule an appointment to talk to a professional. Psychologists are trained to help you better understand yourself, your past, the decisions you have made in your life and the decisions you are making now.

Call to speak to a therapist today and make an appointment. Today is the day you take that first step toward making those promises happen!

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