Understanding Marriage & Intimacy


Marriage Counseling or Relationship Counseling may be necessary if you are experiencing hurtful interactions, increased arguments and decreased intimacy. These are all indicators that professional intervention or seeking help from a psychologist for your marriagemay be necessary.  Seeking help can provide relief to an unfulfilling and unsatisfying relationship or family situation.

Couples Services Description

The goal of couples counseling is to focus on each person’s well being and provide healthy living strategies to deal with day to day life and difficult situations.  Marriage counseling or counseling with your signifiant other can also help to improve individuation, communication techniques, and personal/social skills.

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As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Lazalde provides individual, group and couples counseling. If you have any questions, concerns or need an appointment, please call (619) 838-6123.

Discover the 12 secrets to a happy relationship 
and improved communication. Attend this 10-week therapy program to discover what your relationship
 has been missing!

Learn communication strategies and coping techniques that will improve your communication skills and communication style.  Understand what triggers arguments and how to avoid those triggers.

Gain a better understanding 
of your spouse or significant other and learn how to 
be heard and understood.

This program will include
 marriage counseling, individual and/or group therapy.

Invest in yourself and your happiness!

Schedule a counseling appointment.