Group Therapy

  • Please call or schedule an appointment to attend one of our exciting groups!

    • Relationship Check UP!- This group is for couples who would like to improve there relationship, increase intimacy, and better understand their partner.
    • Marriage Prep Course - Are you thinking of getting married? Start your new life with some helpful tips and healthy strategies to getting off to a great start and learning skills that maintain longevity and improve communication.
    • Marriage Tune UP! - This is perfect for couples that have lost their excitement and relationship magic!  Find the spark that may be missing in your relationship. Learn more about yourself, your spouse/significant other, and understand what you each need!
    • Youth Behavioral Solutions (ages 8-11 or 13-16 only) – This is a youth counseling group that teaches children and adolescents how to manage anger, improve communication, learn social skills, resolve conflict, and create goals toward success.
    • Making Friends and Finding Partners - If making friends and socializing is difficult, this group is for you!  If you feel shy in groups or in public, if you choose to stay home when you would rather be out, or if you wish you had more weekend activities, sign up for this group and meet others who are also looking for friendship and companionship. Group activities will include outings in beautiful San Diego, concerts, festivals, and more!  Call now to join!
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